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CITICORP Group has developed a business advisory service to support the needs of Data Centers and Electrical Grids as generation transitions to renewable energy.

The team is led by Jeremy Sewell, who has extensive commercial experience in the sector with recent executive and non – executive experience in large private and publicly listed companies.

Commercial & Infrastructure Advisory Services

Having identified that all national power networks are increasingly challenged to balance supply and demand for electricity, this challenge intensifies for grid planners and operators today as renewable electricity generation accelerates. While demand varies from base load to peak at certain times of the year and day, supply has been less challenging to predict. But as solar and wind is increasingly added to networks predicting exactly when the sun will shine or wind blow is less exact. For this reason many renewable projects have lost or curtailed capacity. In California in 2020 1.5m MWH of solar power were curtailed and have been seen to have 15% excess capacity in peak hours. This is part of the challenge for the profitability of solar projects, slowing their development. This can be magnified by the lack of developed transmission capacity to move the power to the source of demand.

With many if not most electricity customers needing uninterruptable power the challenges grow to balance supply and demand on fast growing networks with growing deployment of wind and solar generation capacity. The International Energy Agency estimate that 500GW of additional demand response programs will be needed by 2030. This is why energy grids combining solar and wind projects are partnering with datacenters with interruptible compute power customers to provide flexible base load demand and improve profitability of their projects.

We are partnering with power generators, DSOs and Data Center developers and operators to enable smarter grids for the renewable era.